Resilient Digital ID for Web 3.0

Fennel Labs works with public and private sector clients to build decentralized Public Key Infrastructure (dPKI) solutions for secure digital identity authentication, authorization, and federation.

Welcome to Fennel Labs

Fennel Labs is a blockchain and distributed computing infrastructure company that creates technologies and tools for secure use, sharing, and protection of critical data.

Our digital identity infrastructure connects clients and partners to Polkadot - an interoperable, scalable, and portable blockchain protocol. By connecting to the Polkadot ecosystem, clients and partners can expand their business development and innovation, future proof their blockchain-powered technologies, and ensure resources are not lost to costly data silos.

Need a Solution?

Our infrastructure engineering company co-innovates with clients and partners to build bespoke Polkadot Protocol and Substrate solutions in a professional, timely, and service-oriented way.

Please email us at for a free consultation.